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Michael Waldrop: Photos

Yamaha Photo 2
Yamaha Photo
Yamaha and Vic Firth Photo
In Clinic at the Memphis Drum Shop, this photo is framed at the Drum Shop there, I'm proud to say.  I used to teach there and the Memphis Drum Shop is without a doubt the "Best Drum Shop in the World".
Performing at the Memphis Drum Shop
In the Percussion Studio
Professional Photo
She E Wu, Brad Dutz, Me and Ivana Cojbasic (my better half and my favorite pianist)
Me with the Great Brad Dutz (the best hand percussionist in the world) after a concert at EWU
I love my flat ride.
In Concert with Brad and the great bassist Buddy Mohmed in 2010
Me Breaking a Board for my Blue Belt Taekwando examination, just after this I sparred with one of those six year olds in the background.  The six year old won.

Dallas Session photos

Tony Baker, Anthony Williams, Greg Waits and John Wasson
The whole band with engineer Kent Stump at Crystal Clear
Dave Spencer and Keith Jourdan
MW in the Drum Booth
Chris McGuire
MW Drum Booth 2
More Bones
Tim Ishii
Jose Rossy on Percussion
Tony Baker
Keith Jourdan, Larry Spencer and Mike Steinel
Keith Jourdan on lead trumpet
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